All appointments are Private and last for 1 hour.

Physical Therapy Examination

After completing your medical, professional and activity history, your body structure, joint motion, strength, flexibility and functional movements will be analyzed to identify sources of pain.  Hands on treatment will be performed to reduce symptoms, as well as a starting exercise program delivered and reviewed.



Physical Therapy Treatment

Based on your Physical Therapy Examination findings you will receive Advanced Manual Therapy including: joint, muscle and skin mobilizations, fascial releases, trigger point releases, manipulations and joint correction techniques.  This is followed by Therapeautic exercises including: strength and conditioning exercises, stretching and breathing/relaxation techniques, core and functional joint stability training, balance and coordination exercises all to restore dysfunctional body movement connections.


Athlete Screen

You will review the types of sports, training and daily activities.  Your areas of muscle imbalances such as tightness and weakness are checked, as well as your sport technique, reflexes, and coordinated movements.  Personalized exercises and training advice are given at the end of the session to prevent any further injury during training or future games and to promote career longevity.


Dance Screen

You will review the types of dance, dance history and activities, and your areas of body imbalances will be pointed out as well as your dance technique and endurance addressed.  Dance specific conditioning exercises are given ant the end of the session to prevent injuries during training, classes and performances and to promote career longevity.


Running Screen

You will review your running history, training methods, your feet and sneakers as well as your body mechanics will be checked while running on a treadmill.  Any technique diversions will be further checked and appropriate body testing completed.  Specific exercises and advice will assist in running more efficiently, to avoid injuries, and to promote running longevity.


The Tune Up

Every active person involved with sports, martial arts, dance, theatre, etc, builds congested, tight muscles, strains and soft tissue injuries.  It is recommended to do a deep sports massage and assisted manual stretching minimum every 2 weeks.  This will assist in preventing loss of mobility, flexibility, increase recruitment of muscle firing for more strength, and prevent injuries to the tissues.


The Detox

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light handed, rhythmical and relaxing technique developed to stimulate the lymph nodes and lymphatic system.  It decongests blocked fluid and toxins to improve circulation, to promote healing, to reduce swelling and inflammation, and reduce pain in cases of:  swollen and heavy leg syndrome, PMS Syndrome, post-surgery in the acute stage, a decreased immune system, pregnancy, engorged and plugged ducts during breast feeding and for decreasing anxiety and stress.


Calm Me Down

Craniosacral Therapy is a very light, steady touch therapy along specific bony points of the body that restore and normalize an imbalanced craniosacral rhythm.  Craniosacral Rhythm is the expansion and contraction motion of the skull, brain and spinal cord during the production and re-absorption of Cerebral Spinal Fluid.  Normal CSF Rates are 6-12 beats/minute.  This technique assists in the body’s healing ability when faced with pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.


The Beauty Lift

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite and increase skin’s radiance by bringing nourishing blood to the surface by stimulating circulation and improving connective tissue mobility.  Choose from 1 of the following 3 focus areas:


  • 25 minutes Face/Neck Decongestion & tight facial muscles released
  • 25 minutes electrical stimulation to firm or relax facial muscles
  • 10 minutes facial and neck exercises to realign the tissue and connective tissue elasticity


  • 20 minutes neck and chest, diaphragm releases
  • 20 minutes electrical stimulation to firm chest muscles (not recommended for clients with heart condition)
  • 20 minutes breast lifting targeted exercises.


  • 20 minutes manual deep tissue breakdown of fatty deposits targeted for abdominals, buttocks and thighs
  • 20 minutes electrical stimulation to firm atonic muscles
  • 20 minutes toning exercises for abdominals, buttocks and thighs, and foam roller fat breakdown exercises for buttocks and thighs


The Gyro Body

A far superior workout than Pilates!  What do Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Gweneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler, Kim Cattrall, Naomie Harris, Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods, Andy Murray, Mark Wilson, ALL have in common?  They all GYRO!

1 on 1 private Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Exercises offered at OrthoSomic.  A circular and 3-Dimensional rhythmic, flowing movement method that opens energy channels in the entire body and increases functional strength for a fitter, leaner body type.


  • Promotes a stronger and more flexible connective tissue
  • Strengthens and elongates joints and muscles
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Strengthens the circulatory system
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Slows down the aging process by establishing internal connections and cell regeneration


Body Makeover Class

We are proud to announce that every Monday and Thursday OrthoSomic will give a Gyrokinesis open class to small groups (Maximum 3 people) with the mindset of giving more personal attention to your body and correct movement, and a more economical option to stay fit and healthy.  Benefits of the class are listed in Package # 10.



The New Mommy

Becoming a new mother although wonderful, can be challenging.  Learn comfortable breast feeding positions to prevent aching necks and backs, as well as how to release plugged ducts.  Learn quick postural exercises to prevent pain, and prevent beginning stages of kyphotic postures from holding the baby.  Learn proper body mechanics when lifting, transferring, and holding the baby.  Come and get a 1 hour break from the baby and pamper yourself with a relaxing service such as # 6 and 7!  You deserve it!



Abdominal Relief

Don’t let constipation slow you down and make you feel tired and sluggish.  It is not just diet alone that helps!


  • 30 Minutes Visceral Manipulation that aids your body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations
  • 20 minutes abdominal exercises which stimulate the natural contraction of the intestinal muscles
  • 10 minutes self massage to help self alleviate abdominal symptoms independently.


The Computer Junkie

Sitting at the computer all day for work, school, play?  Experiencing neck, hand and back pain?  Learn the proper computer ergonomics to prevent pain, strain, fatigue and stiffness.  Learn simple exercises you can do at your desk designed for your body’s needs and receive the manual therapy you need to feel better.



Ask the Physio

Have an aching stubborn pain or ache that won’t go away?  Have a question about your exercise routine or how to begin one that is appropriate for your body?  Come in to get checked and tested.  Get tips and safe recommendations for exercise.